Syrian refugee jumps in a river to save a dutch man drowning

“I saw a Dutch guy, about 55, 60 years old, drowning in the water” Mohsen said,
About 20 people had gathered on the bridge. Most of them were videotaping the floundering man with their mobile phones. But nobody was doing anything. Mohsen took off his hat and jacket. A Dutch bystander grabbed him by the shoulder. “Don’t jump in,” he said. “He’ll pull you under and you’ll both drown.” Mohsen jumped, when he reached the drowning man, he grabbed his hand and squeezed it to see if he was still alive. “You’re OK,” he kept saying to the man. “You’re OK.” “He was really heavy,” said Mohsen, “but God gave me strength.” After about five minutes, two police boats roared up. First they picked up Mohsen and the man he’d just saved.