Israeli had his brother killed by Hamas, Now He Helps Sick Palestinians

Hamas Murdered Yuval Roth’s Brother. Now He Helps Sick Palestinians. Roth joined The Parents Circle Families Forum, a pro-peace Israeli-Palestinian organization of families who have lost a family member in the conflict. There he met Mohamed Kabah, a Palestinian from the village Yaabez near Jenin, who also lost a brother. Kabah approached Roth with an unlikely request. He had a sick brother in medical care in Haifa who couldn’t get to the hospital. “So, I drove him thinking this was no different from what I’d do for a neighbor in Pardes Hanna. Then this friend referred another family from his village who needed help to reach Hadassa,” the Jerusalem hospital. One referral followed another and soon there was too much traffic for one person to handle. “So, I reached out to my circles of friends.”