OPVGR help to poor citizens of Pakistan

In the midst of 2013, Overseas Pakistani Volunteers Group (OPVGR) was established by Mr. Abrar Ahmed, a Riyadh based Pakistani national, to help the Pakistani community in Riyadh to provide them social, medical and moral assistance as and when required on voluntarily basis.

Initially voluntarily blood donation service was started to the community members. Later on distribution of new and used cloths, toys, disable walker, school bags, hand bags to the needy people in Pakistan added to the core services offered by OPVGR.

Last but not the least OPVGR pay hospital dues of needy patients, Pay orphan student`s school fees, provide career counseling to students, make food arrangement for needy families in Pakistan, Matrimonial service and guidance to community members in Saudi Arab regarding local laws to make them a law abiding residents.
Donating used / new stuff
Blood Arrangement
Job Hunting
Legal Support
Resolving Family Disputes
Food for Needy
Career Counseling
It is an honourable matter for us that within 6 months, we have sent 14,000kg of cargo from KSA to various cities and villages of Pakistan.  We take special care that only genuine needy people receive the donations. The special thing about our group is that every member is from a different part of Pakistan and has different political views, yet we work together as one for the betterment of Pakistan. 
For fresh people in KSA due to language and other barriers, it is quite difficult to reach the potential employer(s). To build a bridge between the employers and the job seekers, OPVGR reach out to various company offices, forward the CV’s of the job seekers. So far, many have found jobs in their respective field(s) i.e. Construction, Teaching etc. Visit below Link
There are some families who are self-sufficient and hard workers, yet they struggle financially to fulfil their household needs such as widows and divorcee’s who are providing for their children themselves. For these people we arrange monthly food packages with our members. We do not pay cash to anyone. Our generous members buy food and donate this.