Helping and counseling families for the future

In regulars businesses you sell a product and you get compensated . In mine, I am creating a platform to counsel families that are going through tough time, get involve with their kids , teenagers issues ,advising them about career and finances . I build up a trust and a confidence bridge . I have counseled through broken marriages, teenagers in drugs or going thru difficulties, death of precious family members. I have also joined social groups on platforms on social media giving daily hope and support on line.

This world is going thru tough times a little bit of kindness a Day is necessary.

I have done many different actions on behalf of the needed and Have represent the weakest in many forms and help the needy in many different ways.

From corporations I have worked with helping employees to get fair treatment, to thousands of people on line that needs to hear a healthy message every day, to the person asking on the street lights with jackets, blankets , money or Food effort has no limits … who ever needs a touch of kidness I intend to be there ????