Educated Pakistan by OPVGR

Pakistan is a developing country, as a responsible citizen of Pakistan it is our duty to contribute in this development no matter where we live. OPVGR is a forum struggling to help the needy in Pakistan, as well as overseas. With the continuous support and effort of OPVGR family, we are now starting our very first school in Lahore. The total development and construction cost of this school is covered by Mr Abrar. The specialty of this school lies in the fact that it is a platform for all the children who have the right to be educated but not the facility. The students of this school will be fully sponsored by the OPVGR members, which will include their school uniforms, shoes, books as well as pocket money. The school will observe the best standards of providing excellent education to its students along with computer skills. Strong bonds of coordination will be developed between the faculty staff and parents. IP cameras will be installed and the school progress will be monitored regularly. Parents and sponsors will be provided will monthly progress reports. The school will not only implement the best standards of education but as well implement the best school management system to maintain the standards. The main goal of OPVGR is to continue building schools in rural areas of Pakistan making education available for all. In sha Allah with the progress of our first school, we will continue building more schools of similar standards.

The construction of our first school has completed and the first batch of classes will be starting by the end of July 2016.

The location of the school is Asif Colony, Lahore.