Refugee festival in New York

The Refugee festival in New York featured a collection of Refugee Protectors. Displaced Kitchen highlighted Chefugees (refugee chefs) who shared their most nostalgic dishes along with the stories of their journey to safety.

Protectors in Pakistan

At the opening of an exhibition featuring Protectors, youth share about different communities standing up for each other.

Testimony of a Holocaust survior protected by Muslims

I Am Your Protector featured Johanna Neuman in the Washington DC Muslim Community Center on the International Holocaust Memorial Day with a ceremony honoring Protectors during the Holocaust in particular Muslim Protectors whose stories are often unknown. Johanna Neumann, Holocaust survivor, shared her

I Am Your Protector featured at National Geographic

Aziz Abu Sarah, presents I Am Your Protector at the National Geographic Symposium in Washington.

I Am Your Protector in Universities and schools

I Am Your Protector was featured in schools and universities in varying formats such as exhibitions, panels, discussion, campaigns and actions on campuses including NYU, Princeton, Drew, Fordham.

Honoring Protectors with Prince Leka Zogu II and families of Protectors

I Am Your Protector honors Albanian Protectors in presence of Prince Leka Zogu II, the grandson of King Zog I who were protectors during the Second World War in Albania, both king Zog I and the people of Albania saved many Jews. Albania was the only country in Europe that had more Jews after the war than before, they welcomed Jews and protected them as their moral code Besa guides them to protect the “other” as much as their own.

Honoring Protectors in New York

On the International Holocaust Day, I Am Your
Protector featured Imam Khalid Latif and Rabbi
Yehuda Sarna in New York highlighting the
stories of Protectors during the Holocaust, who
often risked their own lives to save the “other”,
in particular Muslim Protectors whose stories
are often unknown. Rabbi Yehuda Sarna shared
the story of his wife’s family who were protected
during the Holocaust by Mohamed Helmy an
Egyptian Muslim doctor who hid them until the
end of the war.

Invisible screen revealing Protectors

I Am Your Protector’s campaign in New York with its screen on which the images were invisible unless seen through special glasses, inviting people to “see things differently,” exposing stories of Protectors that challenge misperception of the “other” often depicted as an enemy.